These Survive

These Survive is the name of an attempt at compiling a bibliographic database of the surviving writings of the period before AD 1000. Thus far, this attempt is strictly incipient, and it is impossible to predict when I can make adequate versions available online, to say nothing of "completing" the project.

That said, there is reason to hope that within the next three months I will be able to present - at least in text, and probably in HTML - detailed lists of the resources I am using to compile this bibliography, organised by language.

Should this project interest you, you can find further information at DejaNews. Look for postings by <> with "These Survive" in them. I do expect to have those HTML-ised soon, anyway! These postings describe in some detail the sort of information I'm trying to compile, how I'm going about it and in what order, and why.

If you would like to offer help with this project, please write to me. I would prefer to compile the actual bibliography by myself as much as possible, but it is already clear that there will be limits to that. Suggestions as to resources for compiling it, methods, etc., are welcome. The two things most needed, other than my own research time, alas, are 1) software to turn this from paper lists to a full relational and web-searchable database; 2) someone who is willing and able to undertake the huge task of applying the criteria of the project to surviving writings in Chinese. (While I am fluent in no language written before AD 1000, the languages I do read are sufficient to catalogue the writings in many others. Some promise to be more difficult - Arabic and Armenian are prominent among these. It's already obvious that no-one who cannot read both Chinese and Japanese can do a decent job of cataloguing ancient Chinese writings.)

Meanwhile... is also my personal domain, and will gradually, as my time allows, accumulate various resources that used to live at <> (Tezcat, alas, is no more!) or were meant to live there but never happened. I don't want to promise too much here, but expect by the end of November at least:


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Joe Bernstein

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